Eszter Polónyi: Archaeology versus Convergence: Film Studies Today [Fall 2018]

Jonathan Auerbach [Fall 2018]

Erica Carter [Fall 2018]

Jens Schröter [Fall 2018]


Jens Schröter: The Complexity of Technological Images. The Four Optical Series [Fall 2012]

Christoph Ernst: The Mediation of Perception in Mythological Thinking – On Diagrammatic Explication, Speculative Reasoning and the Myth of the Martian Civilization [Fall 2012]

György Fogarasi: Teletrauma: Distance in Burke’s Philosophical Enquiry [Fall 2012]

Ákos Seress: Playing with blends. Theatre studies and cognitive science [Fall 2012]

Beja Margitházi: “Last night I was in the Kingdom of Shadows…” . The Role of Body and Senses in Various “First Contact” Narratives [Fall 2012]

Izabella Füzi:  Mechanical motion and body movements in early cinema and in Hungarian film theory of the 1920s [Fall 2012]

Eszter Polónyi: Béla Balázs and the Eye of the Microscope [Fall 2012]

Miklós Marsovszky: New Art: The Film (1924) [Fall 2012]

Béla Balázs: Daydream (192?)  [Fall 2012]


Melinda Szalóky: The Pregnant Moment: Kant’s “Mother Wit” in Aesthetic Reflection, Psychoanalysis, and Cinema  [Winter 2010]

Attila Kiss: The Visuality of the Other of the Subject in the Theaters of Anatomy [Winter 2010]

Éva Török: Roles of the Grotesque in Contemporary Visual Arts [Winter 2010]

Robrecht Vanderbeeken: Cinematic Immersion at the Turn of a Millenium: Postmediality, Cybertribes and Hypericonography [Winter 2010]

Tamás Kisantal: From Triumph to Downfall. Hitler, His Cult, and the Films [Winter 2010]

Tibor Várszegi: Data on “A Universal History of Chance”. The Josef Nadj Troupe and “Wind in the Sack” [Summer 2010]


Melinda Szaloky: The Time-Image Today: A Brief Look at Deleuze, Cinema, and the Digital [Summer 2008]

Pepita Hesselberth: It’s about Time (Or Is It?) Warhol anno [Summer 2008]

Thomas Morsch: Corporeal Discourse and Modernist Shock Aesthetics in Takashi Miike’s Film Audition [Summer 2008]

László Tarnay: On the Metaphysics of Screen Violence and Beyond [Summer 2008]

Dennis Göttel: Towards a Deconstruction of the Screen [Summer 2008]

Attila Kiss: Cinematographical Anatomy: Gábor Bódy’s Stage of Consciousness [Fall 2008]

Zsolt Győri: Churchill as “Film Critic” – The Politics of British War-Cinema [Fall 2008]



Babarczi Katica: Exploited Heterotopias [Summer 2010]