Ervin Török and Izabella Füzi: On the Questions and Answers of the Apertúra Questionnaire 2018

Apertúra körkérdés 2018

Apertúra Questionnaire 2018


László Hartai: Hard to Match – the National Curriculum of the Moving Image and Media Education

Csaba András: The Humanities have to be Purged of Capitalism

László Tarnay: On the Interdisciplinary Future of Film Studies

Joachim Paech: Response to the Apertúra Questionnaire 2018

Anikó Imre: Untranslated Thoughts on Teaching Film (in LA)

Kovács András Bálint: Response to the Apertúra Questionnaire

Eszter Polónyi: Archaeology versus Convergence: Film Studies Today

Andrea Pócsik: A Utopistic Approach to Film Studies and Film Education in Hungary

Gyöngyi Mikola: Russian Examples – Response to the Apertúra Questionnaire


Short responses

Jonathan Auerbach

Erica Carter

Jens Schröter

Bence Kránicz